From an Industry and Company Growth Perspective:  
March 2013

I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize and thank you and the RI Tech Collective’s role in our success.  As a small vendor, you/team, provide a forum that gives us (Velocity) a big voice within an industry where presence means so much.  So, we are a huge success story as a result of our ongoing relationship with individuals like you.  Please thank the team and I look forward to working with you going forward.

- In Carl's thank you after his company, Vertical Performance Partners, was aquired by Mobiquity

Carl Wooten
Mobiquity Velocity Solutions, Inc.


From a Membership Perspective: 
January 2013

Our membership with the Tech Collective has been very valuable to our organization.  Having the avenue to meet with other Tech Collective members in my industry on a regular basis has proven to be influential for all parties.  We have worked together with the lead of the Tech Collective in empowering our business to succeed and have a unified voice in the business community today. 

Personally, over the past 18 months I have gotten to know the staff at the Tech Collective and I must say that they are a great group of people.  Their focus on relationships and customer service is at the level that all companies should strive for.  I look forward to working with the Tech Collective as we expand our presence in the Rhode Island marketplace for years to come.

Mike Ando
Chief Operating Office (COO)
Envision Technology Advisors


From a Personal and Professional Development Perspective:
October 2011

"It has been a great pleasure working with the Tech Collective over the past 5-6 years. I wish you all the best and hope you are rewarded for all your hard efforts for the tireless work securing grants and other money opportunity for the businesses in Rhode Island.

Without the efforts of everyone there, I would not be in the position I am today and have the ability to move onto more challenging endeavors.

All the best and thanks for everything.

Damian LaMarche"

Damian LaMarche
Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Manager
Tedor Pharma, Inc.



From a Workforce Development and Industry Support Perspective:
June 2011

"This grant has been such a benefit to our small company! The grant has allowed us to adapt to a changing economy by 1) training staff on new technologies and 2) re-training staff that were effected by downsizing in order to help them obtain alternate employment outside of our organization as well as new positions within our organization.


Thanks again,


Pam Christman
Associate Executive Director


From an Events and Professional Development Perspective:
April 2011
"As always, it was wonderful to get together with other “Women in Technology” last night…. But this event was really special! The venue was great, and Margaret Batting was fabulous. She's both fun and informative.  After this short workshop, I left with a better appreciation of how to "Look Like a Leader." Thanks, Tech Collective for another great event!!"

Pam Christman
Associate Executive Director


From an Industry Recognition and Awards Perspective:
February 2011

I just wanted to thank you for a great event [at the Tech10 awards] last night.  It is so important to shine a light on the hidden gem Rhode Island has in its pioneering technology community and I want to thank both GoLocalProv and Tech-Collective for paving the way. 

I believe the state is at a moment of “critical mass” where a wave of a few could create an amazing momentum to drive the knowledge economy. As I stated in the award application, I truly want to change the culture of technology/telecommunications in the public sector so we can begin to lead by example and become a catalyst for economic development. The more the public sector leads in creating a highly efficient/innovative environment and communities, the more high tech businesses we will attract. 

Please feel free to keep me involved in any initiatives that will help promote the knowledge economy in RI….we need it now more than ever!

Thanks again!

Jason Albuquerque
Director of Information Technology
Town of North Kingstown


From a Workforce Development Perspective:
“I really appreciate Bio Eds and Bio Tuesdays and the events that Tech Collective sponsors… The more opportunities I have to go out and meet with the workforce and employers, the prouder I am to live in this robust state and align the Community College to meet the needs of Business.”

Peter N. Woodberry, Ph.D.
Dean of Business, Science and Technology
Community College of Rhode Island


From an Industry / Media Awareness Perspective: 
March 2010
"The strawberries were just a token of our sincere appreciation for your team suggesting our firm to support the [WJAR NBC 10] ‘hot jobs’ story. This kind of publicity is difficult, if not impossible, to buy but it helps us establish our company here in our market area. I look forward to working more closely with TechCollective in the near term."

- In regards to Tech Collective asking NetCenergy to participate in a WJAR News Channel  10 prime time feature on "Hot Jobs" in RI, including in the IT industry. View the video here

Don Nokes


From an Education/GRRL  Tech Perspective:  
March 2010
"Hi Jo Ann,

On behalf of Davies HS, I would like to both thank you for allowing our students to attend this terrific event as well as congratulate you for coordinating another successful GRLL Tech program. We enjoyed listening to the opening and closing speakers describe how it is possible to follow ones passion and achieve personal goals.

The students also enjoyed listening to the professionals in the various career fields discuss their work. Our chaperones also enjoyed listening to Amgen promote their educational programs in the schools. All in all, we found it a very educational and motivational experience.

I commend you, Tech Collective, and all of your partners who promoted this wonderful educational program for our female students. They will remember this day for many years to come as they pursue their own career dreams.

Thanks again for inviting Davies HS.


Bernie Blumenthal
Business & Education Partnerships
William M. Davies Career & Technical HS



From a GRRL Tech Experience:
March 2009

"Dear Jo Ann,
Thank you so much for including our students in this wonderful day. I know that girls learned so much from the speakers and workshop presenters.  Everyone involved was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. It was a great experience for all of us.  We are looking forward to next year already. Please pass along our appreciation to all the wonderful people who were responsible for GRRL Tech.

- Cathy"

Cathy Winston
Guidance Counselor
Tiverton High School


From an Events and Forums Perspective:
"I was very impressed with the Partnership breakfast at the Hope Club. The speakers were prestigious, the information was high level and relevant and the attendees were as impressive as the speakers. The event was indicative of the best of what Rhode Island has to offer and what I have come to expect from the Tech Collective."

Jeffrey S. Deckman
New Commons


From a Leadership Challenge Event Perspective:
March 2008
"The Leadership Challenge Event was enjoyable. Some of the lessons that were mentioned have stayed with me long after the event was over.  For example, at the session we were told how important it was to empower successors to help your company grow to meet new challenges.  The ability to empower others was not a quality I associated with leadership before the Leadership Challenge Event. Now I can see how important it is not only to motivate others to complete their tasks but also to literally transfer your skill set into their hands. Since I have put this principle into practice, I find that my life at work is less stressful; I am no longer the bottle neck to completing certain tasks."

Keeley Wray
Cheif Operating Officer, Consulting Services Division
Foresight Science and Technology


From a GRRL Tech and Youth Development Perspective:
March 2008
“This is a tremendous opportunity. This is an amazing commitment that has been made to support women in science and women in technology.”

- In reaction to the two Roger Williams University scholarship donations at GRRL Tech 2008.

Shannon Donovan
Science Teacher
Scituate High School


From a Personal and Professional Growth Perspective:
October 2008
"What an evening [Women in Technology] was! I hope that everyone was happy with the sum total of events. I was inspired by [the speakers] stories, and by the stories that the audience shared. I am sure that there were many more stories that were not shared, but everyone left buoyed upward by a sense of sisterhood - exactly what we had hoped for. It was a pleasure to work with you on this project - great going!"

Annie De Groot
EpiVax, Inc.


From an Event Speaker's Perspective:
October 2008
"[The Women in Technology event] last Thursday was a wonderful event.  We all come from different places and have different experiences but the tools we use to deal with it all are very much the same.  I was inspired!"

Beth Zielinski-Habershaw, Ph.D.
Instructor, Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology and Biotechnology Division
Brown University


From an Organizational Perspective:
November 2008
"I want to thank the Tech Collective for all its hard work… The state of Rhode Island would not be where it is today without their efforts."

Jeff Seemann, Ph.D.
Former Dean of the College of Environment and Life Sciences
University of Rhode Island


From an Events and Best Practices Perspective:
August 2008
"Attending the WIT events is a privilege I do not take for granted! To be around the intelligent, professional and successful women who are driving the RI economy is not only an inspiration, but a palpable lesson on what women can achieve."

Enith Morillo
M.S. Supervisor, Raw Materials
Tedor Pharma, Inc.


From a Youth Programs Perspective:
November 2008
"As a technology business and an ardent advocate of hands-on youth learning, TechComm Partners has been impressed with the connections and industry opportunities which Tech Collective has brought to secondary education. The US FIRST Robotics Challenge and GRRL Tech have raised awareness, inspired collaboration and innovation and have worked to break down outdated and misled STEM barriers. Our state and our students are fortunate to have the dedication, integrity and passion that Tech Collective embeds in all of its initiatives."

Trudy Mandeville
TechComm Partners


From a GWBRI Industry Partnership, Workforce Development and Community Building Perspective:
December 2008
"Over the past year, the Governor's Workforce Board RI has continued its fruitful collaboration with the Tech Collective in the areas of Information Technology and Biotechnology. As one of eight Industry Partnerships, Tech Collective has been a key player in building career awareness for technology-related fields, and has been a strong advocate for short- and long-term educational opportunities that improve key skill sets among the RI workforce. Most recently, the collective has joined with three other GWB industry partners to launch the Industry Skills Development Initiative, which offers targeted training and career exploration among both the existing and future workforce."

John O'Hare
Acting Executive Director
Governor's Workforce Board of Rhode Island


From a Network Building and Sponsorship Perspective:
June 2008 
"Tech Collective's All Aboard event allowed us the opportunity to make ourselves known to other technology companies in the region and to renew some old acquaintances. And it was organized so that we could have fun while doing so!"

Leo Mansi
Administration and Training Manager
Systemetrics, Inc.


From a Network Building Perspective:
June 2008
"I felt a great sense of community. It’s energizing to get out and know we’re part of a larger group of wonderful businesses. All sharing the same needs and the same goals; of being the best we can be. Thank you, Tech Collective, for providing these types of opportunities."

Phil Carlucci
Vice President, Service Delivery
Hasbro, Inc.


From a Network Building Perspective:
June 2008
All Aboard was different from other networking events because the format encouraged everyone to meet with each other. It was very effective because it allowed me to make a lot of contacts in a fast and efficient manner. “Also, from a Tech Collective standpoint, it was great to see a lot of new faces. It shows that their messages and programs are resonating with a wider audience. And of course, new people mean new and growing opportunities.”

Stuart Freiman
Business Development Manager; IT & Digital Media, Health and Life Sciences
Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation


From a Network Building and Sponsorship Perspective:
June 2008
"Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Tech Collective All Aboard event. The Executive Development Center at Bryant University sponsored a table. Jennifer Chasse and I found the event to be valuable and enjoyable. The Ports of Call theme provided an excellent networking opportunity to those comfortable with and those apprehensive of such events. We met many who knew about Bryant’s Executive Development Center already and established new relationships with those who didn’t. We would happily participate in such an event again in the future." 

Paul Dacey
Program Manager
Bryant University, Executive Development Center


From an Event, Storytelling and Network Building Perspective:
June 2008
"[The Women in Technology event] was a chance we don't often get in the frenzied world of business...a chance to comfortably sit together and share experiences through storytelling and reflection.  It was apparent that this is a great way to connect person to person in our attempt to learn and grow with one another."

Lee A. Silvestre
Mission Innovation
Integrated Defense Systems, Raytheon


From a Network Building Perspective:
"This was a truly enjoyable event.  The content, delivered in a story-telling style, informed and entertained at the same time.  I also appreciated the ample opportunity to network with peers.  Well done!"

Charles W. Hewitt
Chief Information Officer
City of Providence, Rhode Island


From a Partnership Perspective:
"Tech Collective has been a great partner, and a invaluable resource, in our shared technology workforce project. Together we are making solid progress towards the development, and increased diversification, of the workforce in Rhode Island."

Vin Balasco
Community College of Rhode Island


From an Organizational Perspective:
December 2007
"In my career, I've had the opportunity to be associated with many Technical Organizations.  None have brought the extensive benefits derived from being part of a committed technical community, sharing ideas and experiences, like the Tech Collective has."

Phil Carlucci
Vice President, Service Delivery
Hasbro, Inc.


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