"Navigating Later-Stage Venture Financing" Complimentary Whitepaper

Based on a webinar by Timothy J. Harris, Partner, Morrison & Foerster

Although all rounds of financing can present their unique challenges, later-stage financings can be especially complex due to the fact that companies and investors are required to structure the transaction against a backdrop of prior investment rounds, terms and valuations that are not always consistent with current terms and valuations.

The challenge in later-stage financings is to raise new capital while minimally diluting prior investor ownership or share value.  Because these later-stage financings can take different forms, the need for good capitalization modeling becomes essential.

This ShareVault whitepaper takes a look at three typical later-stage financing scenarios and the unique challenges associated with them.

1. Down Round Anti-Dilution Adjustments

2. Recapitalizing Prior Investments

3. Pay-to-Play

Download a copy of the whitepaper here:  http://bit.ly/1nm7JVD

See the original webinar here: 



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