Five Questions With: Kathleen Malin

Kathleen Malin, vice president of technology and operations at the Rhode Island Foundation, discussed her position with Providence Business News and how she works with nonprofits. The past Tech10 award winner also discussed her involvement with the Tech Club in Rhode Island.

PBN: What interested you in the technology field as a career?

MALIN: Wow, let me see if I can remember back that far! I was interested in science when I was in high school but decided after graduation that my goal was to go to law school. While I was in college I needed a part-time job and ended up at a computer store, called Personal Computer. This was long before people had PCs at their desks and was one of the first computer stores on the East Coast. I became immersed in that amazing, developing world. I participated in the first technology trade show and saw the evolution of Apple’s first computers. Microsoft was just starting and technology was changing every day. I felt so comfortable and at home with technology that I knew I had found my career. I met my husband there too and we eventually started our own technology consulting company. When my children entered elementary school, I started volunteering and that led to my career in nonprofit technology. I worked at several independent schools, and one of them had received grants from the Rhode Island Foundation. When there was a technology opening at the foundation I realized what an incredible opportunity it would be to work for the largest funder of nonprofits in the state, so I applied.

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