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2014 Session Highlights: 

-  Programming in C# with Visual Studio 2010 
-  Business Management Certificate
-  Experiential Learning 


IT On Demand Program Overview:

Designed and delivered with industry involvement, Tech Collective’s IT On Demand program provides unemployed IT practitioners with technical, business, and experiential training. This installment of IT On Demand program is supported by Workforce Solutions of Providence/Cranston and the Workforce Partnership of Greater Rhode Island with funds provided by a grant from the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training and the US Department of Labor.

Geared at workers with prior IT knowledge and experience, the program aims to ‘skill up’ participants and prepare them to re-enter the workforce at the mid-level. The 14-week program consists of three training components:

  • Technical: the most in-demand technical practice area as chosen by RI IT employers
  • Business:  including customer service, critical thinking, communication, and  project management
  • Experiential: an 8-week, hands-on learning component with a RI IT employer


Summer 2014 Session: 

The program will hosted 16 participants from July through October 2014. Participants were trained in Programming in C# with Visual Studio 2010. New Horizons provided the technical training. Business skills training was provided by Bryant University's Executive Development Center, with participants earning a Business Management Certificate.

The third component of the program is an experiential learning opportunity. Participants were hosted by a RI IT employer four days a week. On Fridays, participants convened with Tech Collective and the IT On Demand group to provide feedback and discuss challenges and successes. It was anticipated the participant will be hired after successful completion of the 8-weeks.



-   RI IT Industry Overview (Tech Collective) - (1 week)
Technical Training (New Horizons RI) - Programming in C# with Visual Studio 2010 - (1 week)
Business/Soft Skills (Bryant University, Executive Development Center) - Leadership, Customer Service,      Interpersonal Communication Skills, Professional Business Writing, Critical Thinking, and Agile Project    Management - (2 weeks)
Job Search Techniques (Tech Collective) - (2 weeks)
Experiential Learning/Internship-  hosted at  local companies - (8 weeks)
Job Placement


Employer Participation:

Tech Collective sought RI IT employers to host program participants for the 8-week experiential learning component. All participants were selected by RI IT employers. They each had previously completed the technical and business components of the program; and they each have previous IT experience in various capacities. As such, the IT On Demand program has been set up to benefit companies looking to hire C# talent as well as companies who might not be. Candidates were screened and selected so that even if their experiential learning placement or next career position did not currently utilize C#, the IT On Demand program would remain relevant - able to both add to their knowledgebase as well as demonstrate their capacity to learn quickly and translate those skills on-the-job.

Employers interviewed and selected candidates. Employers were asked to have open positions they are looking to have filled by the program participants at the completion of this component.


Participant Pay:

The host company was responsible to pay each participant at a rate of $12/hour for the 8 week placement. This was considered the employer contribution to the grant/program. 


Candidate Recruitment:

Candidate recruitment is closed for this session of IT On Demand.

Tech Collective recruited and screened candidates for the program. Participating RI IT employers made the final selection of program participants.

To be eligible for the program, candidates were required to meet the following criteria:
Age: must be 18 years of age or older
Residency: RI residents preferred
Work Status: must be a US citizen or able to work in the US
Employment Status: unemployed or dislocated worker
- Education/Experience: IT degree; equivalent IT training, education, or certifications; or minimum of two years IT experience
- BCI Check


An Evolved Approach:

As the IT industry continues to evolve, so does the approach to developing its talent. The IT On Demand program brings the viability of RI IT employers, education institutions and organizations, and Tech Collective's previous workforce training program experience to create one well-rounded curriculum serving participants who have already demonstrated their propensity for IT.

Companies involved in the design, implementation, and experiential learning component of this program include:

-  AGI Construction, Inc.
-  Atrion Networking Corporation
Atrion SMB
-  Bishop Keough High School
Brave River Solutions
Bridge Technical Talent
-  Carousel Industries
-  Computer Associates, Inc.
-  Custom Computer Specialists
CVS Caremark
Envision Technology Advisors
Family Service of RI
-  Fidelity Investments
-  Precision Design Studios
-  Providence Mutual
-  The Providence Plan
-  R&B IT Solutions
-  Rhode Island Foundation
-  Rite-Solutions
-  Scandia Consulting
Secure Future Tech Solutions (formerly PC Troubleshooters, Inc.)
-  State of Rhode Island Joint Committee on Legislative Services
Bryant University Executive Development Center (training provider)
New Horizons (training provider)

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Director of Industry and Advocacy
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 This installment of the IT On Demand program is supported by Workforce Solutions of   Providence/Cranston and the Workforce Partnership of Greater Rhode Island with funds provided by a grant from the Rhode Island Department of Employment and Training and the US Department of Labor.

Program Overview | 2014 Session | Employer Participation | Participant Pay   | Candidate Recruitment | Approach & Participating Companies | Contact