Special Interest Committees

Serving the Rhode Island IT and Bioscience professional and industry at large, as well as in niche areas, Tech Collective's special interest committees guide the organization's programming and industry/community building initiatives. Committees meet every other month and are chaired by an industry leader. Industry involvement, professional and technical skills development, team-building, and leadership skills are key takeaways for committee members and participants.

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Industry Advisory Council (IAC)

Tech Collective’s IAC assists in guiding the direction of the organization’s workforce development programs and initiatives to meet the needs of Rhode Island’s bioscience and IT employers. The IAC serves as a direct connection to industry talent demand, current skill needs, and the resource and opportunities to meet them.  IAC members often provide direct insight and participation into the design, development, and execution of workforce development and training programs which address technical and business skills, job readiness credentials, and internship and hiring opportunities.

Tech Collective’s IAC has been instrumental in the success of programs and partnerships including: Governor’s Workforce Board RI Industry Partnerships, IT On Demand, , Tech Collective’s Professional Development Series, as well as in the publication of its IT and Bioscience Skills Gap Reports.

2014 - 2015 Impact:
The IAC supported and participated in many existing programs and was instrumental in securing new funding and opportunities, including Tech Force RI and a Real Jobs RI planning grant.

2015 Activity:
There are 38 industry professionals on the IAC representing 28 Rhode Island bioscience and IT employers; IAC meetings occur bi-monthly.



Women in Technology (WIT)

The WIT advisory committee and forum series focuses on inspiration and collaboration with women working within or transitioning into Rhode Island STEM fields. WIT’s mission is to foster growth both personally and professionally through education, training, networking, and common support. 

The WIT series encompasses various types of forums ranging across network building, education, social service, and related initiatives where there is a focus on strengthening the industry and its female representation. Forums are an opportunity to strengthen peer-to-peer relationships, share encouragement and learn from best practices, and/or showcase various bioscience and IT career opportunities. WIT’s Peer-to-Peer Mentor Program matches experienced and up-and-coming professionals to foster professional and career growth.

2014 - 2015 Impact: 4 Women in Technology forums had a total attendance of 73, and the Mentorship Program made 16 matches.

2015-2016 Activity: Committee and Forum sessions and Mentorship Program begin fall 2015.




The BioGroup advisory committee and forum series provides a behind-the-scenes look at and celebration of some of our state’s leading bioscience innovators. From the R&D, pharma, diagnostics, and medical device fields to industry, academic and government resources, the road of bioscience prosperity is a diverse one. BioGroup aims to showcase that. Focusing on the local industry, each BioGroup forum is held at a bioscience company or industry supporter. This provides the hosting company the opportunity to highlight its services and/or products and provides bioscience stakeholders a forum to network, discover the latest trends and services, and make vital connections for growth.

2015-2016 Activity:
Currently being established



IT Managers’ Roundtable

The IT Managers’ Roundtable advisory committee and forum series is an open discussion forum in which technology managers can share challenges and best practices, ask questions, and delve into conversation regarding pertinent technologies and their role within the IT department or enterprise as a whole. Sessions range from informal roundtable discussions with a selected moderator/facilitator to invited guest speakers with expertise on a select topic or technology.

2014 - 2015 Impact:
3 IT Managers Roundtable forums had a total attendance of 46.

2015-2016 Activity:
Committee and Forum sessions begin fall 2015.



NetTech 2.0


The NetTech 2.0 advisory committee and forum series specifically focuses on providing area IT practitioners an environment for career enrichment and technology awareness with local focus. The NetTech 2.0 series brings together IT engineers, designers, developers, technicians, and support specialists of all backgrounds and fields. Practitioners are encouraged to attend and take advantage of learning opportunities, gain insight and best practices from industry speakers, meet their peers, talk tech (or non-tech), and build and strengthen their own personal and professional networks.

2014 - 2015 Impact:
3 NetTech 2.0 forums had a total attendance of 64.

2015-2016 Activity:
Committee and Forum sessions begin fall 2015.


Software Committee

The Software advisory committee and forum series focuses on providing area software development professionals with a forum for network building, knowledge and best practice sharing, and overall awareness of local industry settings, technologies, and professionals. Developers in IT software, design, applications, mobile, and related fields are encouraged to attend series forums offering a broad range of programming including peer networking events, educational forums/speakers, and creating a stronger community and support system for the state’s software development professionals.

2015-2016 Activity: Currently being established.


Rhode Island Bioscience Awards

Tech Collective’s Rhode Island Bioscience Awards honor those who are innovating and impacting our industry. These are the scientists, researchers, thinkers, and culture changers challenging the status quo. These are the innovations, technologies and break-throughs literally changing worlds and changing lives. From laboratories to production, from concept to cultivation, from individual contributor to community leader, these industry champions are strengthening the growth and influence of Rhode Island’s bioscience sectors locally and globally.

Impact: Since its launch in 2013, 10 Rhode Island Bioscience professionals have been honored.

2016 Activity: The next Rhode Island Bioscience Awards will be held in May 2016.



Tech10 Awards

Tech Collective’s Tech10 Awards recognize Rhode Island’s most accomplished IT practitioners, digital media professionals, and entrepreneurs. These are the geeks and brainiacs; the ones who make the rest of us look like dolts and superstars all at the same time. They are the innovators bringing to reality a world even beyond our dreams. Individually, Tech10 recognizes Rhode Island IT practitioners and entrepreneurs who excel in their practice, demonstrate a passion for contributing to the success of others, and are pioneering in their technological and career achievements. For the technology community, Tech10 is the opportunity for Rhode Island business and industry to identify its exceptional participants and its future leaders.

Since its launch in 2011, 50 Rhode Island tech innovators have been honored.

2015 Activity:
The 2015 Tech10 Awards Celebration event will be held on November 19, 2015.



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